Computer Science Education Week: Dec. 9-15


How will you observe Computer Science Education week? Dec. 9 is the birthday of Grace Murray Hopper, who was the inventor of the first computer programming language. Here's a video from the David Letterman show, after her retirement in 1986, where she explains a nanosecond:

Here's more about her life and work from the Smithsonian:

If you want to participate in Hour of Code this week, here's a kickoff video, titled "Learn what most schools don't teach": Here's more info and a place you can sign your name if you think "every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer science."

Nancye Black, president-elect of FSTE, recalled learning programming in an elementary school in Miami-Dade and coming in third in a world-wide programming contest when she was a fifth grader. So there WAS teaching of code once upon a time even in Florida's elementary schools.

How would you like FSTE to help with computer science efforts in Florida K12 schools? How can YOU help others?

Let the state board know if you would like to make computer science satisfy existing high school graduation requirements for math or science..

Link to sign petition:


About Dr. Rita Oates

As the ISTE representative for FSTE, Rita shares info between the two organizations to try to help both. She is a former high school English teacher and adviser to student publications.In Miami-Dade schools, she led ed tech for nearly eight years, winning multiple grants for software co-development, PD, and special projects. With Barry University, she won a FIPSE grant. She has written 12 books and more than 100 articles about technology, education, and school reform. She has been president of Oates Associates consulting firm for 20 years.

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