TIME is wrong: Screens in schools are not a hoax


Check out http://blog.cue.org/screens-are-not-a-hoax/

CUE -- the California affiliate of ISTE -- has provided this rebuttal to the TIME.com editorial from Aug. 31, 2016, by Dr. Nicholas Kardaras titled “Screens in Schools are a $60 Billion Hoax." Dr. Kardaras is a licensed social worker who runs a center for addicted teens in New York.

Another technology-savvy educator, Derrick Willard of Charlotte, NC, has also written a powerful commentary on this poorly researched editorial: http://www.pdsblogs.org/derrickwillardblog/2016/09/12/an-educators-response-the-screens-in-schools-time-editorial/

Please share these powerful rebuttals with other educators, parents and citizens. We want support for better pedagogy with technology and appropriate uses of technology in schools, libraries and homes! Yes, some technology has been misused. We'd all agree with that. But what is a more reasoned and appropriate viewpoint? Please share your thoughts and insights!


About Dr. Rita Oates

As the ISTE representative for FSTE, Rita shares info between the two organizations to try to help both. She is a former high school English teacher and adviser to student publications.In Miami-Dade schools, she led ed tech for nearly eight years, winning multiple grants for software co-development, PD, and special projects. With Barry University, she won a FIPSE grant. She has written 12 books and more than 100 articles about technology, education, and school reform. She has been president of Oates Associates consulting firm for 20 years.

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