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The Florida Society for Technology in Education (FSTE) provides a cohesive, unified organization to represent the concerns of people who are interested in instructional technology in Florida.  FSTE was originally established in 1985 as Florida Association for Computers in Education. The name was changed to Florida Society for Technology in Education at the January 2010 membership meeting at FETC.  FSTE is one of the most supportive educational technology associations in the country.  The FSTE membership includes PreK-20 educators, students, parents, educational institutions and corporations.  FSTE operates as an independent, member-financed, non-profit organization. State officers are elected annually in the fall by an email membership vote, and officers are formally installed during FETC.  FSTE co-sponsors and participates in the Florida Educational Technology Conference (FETC).

FSTE is a state affiliate of ISTE, the International Society of Technology in Education.  FSTE serves as both a catalyst and an informational center to address the urgent issues of instructional technology.  Join or renew a membership with FSTE and be a part of this important work: serve on committees that prepare the groundwork for concerted action; share your knowledge at state and regional conferences; contribute news articles or letters for the FSTE News Briefs.

Whether you are a technology-using educator or just interested in the use of technology in education, participation in FSTE will be both rewarding and effective.  Local FSTE chapters hold informational meetings for their members on important issues and often sponsor special events.  These events may include but are not limited to technology fairs, software and hardware demonstrations and educational/motivational speakers.  The meetings also provide members an opportunity to network with other professionals who advocate the Integration of Technology in Education.  FSTE members mentor teachers who want to integrate technology in their classrooms and also provide feedback to companies about issues and needs in products, professional development, and funding for Florida schools.

FSTE members are encouraged to join ETAN: Ed Tech Action Network, the advocacy arm of ISTE.


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